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The Hereford Church of the Nazarene’s desire is to be a missional church in every way.

Missional churches love people. People are the object of God’s salvation—but they are not objects!. We must combine the passion of the Great Commission with the compassion of the Great Commandment. Missional churches love people and help them in every way possible—physically, materially, and spiritually.
We all have employed programs or methods for reaching others. We can become attached to the things that were instrumental in bringing us to Christ or that worked well in times past. Missional churches don’t get too attached to methods. However, they are willing to experiment with new methods to accomplish the unchanging mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Missional churches value mission over method.
What does success look like in our church? For some, it might be increased attendance, a growing missions budget, or a number of people baptized. Those are all excellent indicators of growth, but they fall short of completing the mission to make fully-formed disciples of Jesus Christ. We aim to see lives transformed. While that is more difficult to quantify, it is easy to identify. It can be seen in a restored marriage, an alcoholic freed from addiction, or a dangerous neighborhood made safe for families. Missional churches bring transformation to both individuals and communities.
The world is far too large to be reached by any one congregation. The truth be told, any region, city, or community cannot be reached by one church alone. Missional churches realize that they must plant seeds beyond their reach through sending forth missionaries, commissioning leaders, and parenting new churches. Missional churches multiply.

Missional Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministries, Prayer  and Discipleship – these are our passions to bring the KINGDOM OF GOD TO OUR WORLD.

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